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10 March 2009


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I cannot explain how keenly I empathized with you there- Have you tried to explain the intricacies of an Indian style toilet to a 5 year old (girl of course!- boys are so lucky!)- on a moving train while trying to delicately maintain balance yourself? Even in an A/c compartment some things do not change... The horror on my daughter's face was truly Hitchcock -esque and I would have laughed but for the fact that I was trying to keep my breaths as short as possible on a strictly as needed basis!
Keep them coming!!

Subha Chandran

It is Extremely Hilarious. Couldn't stop laughing. Finally ended up in the restroom myself laughing so hard Not in Allepee Express. Great Job Kalpana.

Roger Miller

I enjoy the writing and learn a little. Thanks.


I came across your blog in Facebook and I am so glad I read it. This article is HILARIOUS. I was laughing out loud!!
You are an excellent writer. I am bookmarking your blog!

Rajeswari Satish

Kalpana - Enjoyed this!!!


Hi Kalpana, I am a friend of Balaji and I found this blog as a link to a comment. It was very interesting to read.

We moved back to India after a while in US/Canada and my daughters have the same problem when we travel by train. Fortunately, our train trips are short (between Kochi and TVM) and we mostly get away without using the Loo, but you are not always that lucky :-)

Keep writing, Alwaye pakkam iniyum vantha mail podungo :-)


Michelle Bence

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I was squatting over an Indian style toilet in a third class compartment on a train hurtling through South India. The toilet was a stained stainless steel hole in the ground. It was entirely possible that my Fallopian tubes could be sucked away by centrifugal force should I expose my nether region for any longer than absolutely necessary. The story of how I came to be precariously perched over a hole is a story about how life can simply happen to you even when you’ve charted out your itinerary on Microsoft Project one year ago. My family doesn’t travel third...

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