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08 March 2010


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Mr.Nithayanada is going to be Indias up coming.."Hugh Hefner" !!

shanthi Jayadev

Mortals watch TV and sport CK undies - did he call himself otherwise?

Baskar Guha

Godman it! What a Jockey!! I swear I will never follow one again!!!


Laughed off with th jokes ! I agree with you: if we judge
all by the bad, nothing can stand up. Moreover
I am always impressed at how quick the media
catches up with swami dalliances but
keeps quite mum on politician and on campus
dalliances that are quite common... Or
the infamous sheik parties with young boys
and so on.

Hypocrisy in society is that if you set the bar
higher, you are punished harsher for failure.
That or if you don't have some hunchmen to
mum others by intimidation.

I always remind myself that some of my
heroes, such as feynman and einstein were
no examples with regards to their conduct
with family and women.


Why should we have mediators in between God and us. I seriously pity all the devotees (or followers or whatever u call them) of these so called GodMen. Even after seeing so many scandals these people are not ready to let go of their beliefs. This Nithaynand scandal would have alerted the rest of the "Godmen". But Im sure, in the future, they'll also be caught red-handed.


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