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14 May 2010


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Sharadaa Srinivasan

Reading your blog brings me tears. She stopped by my house during the campaign and asked me if she could put the sign. She was so charming and very impressive. I had the sign in my front yard. I wish I got to know her better also...Having lost my mom at 7, my heart goes out to her children. A big loss for our community and her family. Words don't seem to do justice to what I feel.

Sujatha Suresh

Kalpana your gift to convert thoughts into words has hit home. I know Jayashree, Susie's sister but have met Susie only once at the home of a mutual friend.
I was in awe of her willingness to throw herself into public service. She serves as a role model for us.
My thoughts and prayers to her family at this trying time.


Kalpana- you are so eloquent, ur words brought tears to my eyes-i knew Susie as Jayshree's(my class fellow and Friend with whom ive reconnected after 32 yrs) sister and she travelled with us for 3 years in the same school bus-however i missed the chance of knowing her as she grew up into this woman of substance.
Many a times we keep awaiting friend confirmation or loose touch with our friends/family- call it fate or bad luck- but its always an oppurtunity lost.
Im sure Susie will visit and bless you from heaven above.


Accept life as it comes.I do not know Susie at all but,I learned more thru you kalpana,Thanks.Well, you seem to remember every word she spoke to you.She sounds like a very impressive and women of Quality .It is a Big loss to a community and to her family.

Time is supposed to heal.

Today...She will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Patricia V. Davis

What a lovely commentary on Susie. I wish I had known her form your description. And what a remarkable writer you are. Your words did Susie justice, and she will be missed. Thank you for posting


Kalpana-The article brought tears to my eyes, I choked and wept. I keep coming back to this website to read this tribute. Although, I've not known Susie personally, I've heard very good things about her and her family through my SIL who lives in Saratoga. We were talking about Susie at home and she has influenced us so much that my SIL suggested to her tween daughter - Why don't you do research to find a cure for Cancer!
It's so true that the good die young! Life is fragile! Susie and her family will be in my prayers. RIP Susie!
BTW, You write so well that I visit this website so often to look for updates. I've read most of the articles 'n' number of times. Pl continue to write and when my toddler boy grows up, I'll read some of these to him. I, especially, love the articles on 'Family' which makes me relate to my own. Best Wishes!

Nursing tops

this story makes me cry, Here was a woman who really believed she could make an impact on the city that had been a home to her for over two decades. During the session, I began appreciating her generosity.

Veena Gowda

I don't know Susie personally but heard about her thro' her neice Tarini who gave up her spot to be in the finals of a singing contest just to be with her beloved aunt during her last few days.
Your article brought tears to my eyes,very well written...

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