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17 May 2010


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Sharadaa Srinivasan

Hilarious !! You rock Kalpan !!


Victoria Bras are Very good to me. Lasts for ever.It fits perfectely!! Ofcourse, underneath my dress I feel YOUNG! ha! haaaaaaa! .

Nandini Ramani

LOL :-)

Nursing cover

i enjoyed reading your article! ahahah LOL..
this is crazy but awesome! anyways, i love the victoria secret's models... wish i could be one too. LOL

Nisha Anand

Kalpana, this is so funny! Most of us think this in our heads, but to actually see it in writing, is a different feeling altogher. Enjoyed the read!

Anu Sridhar

Kalpana...this is so funny, I can't stop laughing! guess who brought this blog to my attention! Apparently you are now very popular among the high school demographic!


Hi Kalpana, I got introduced to your blogs through Mohan's facebook page. I work for IBM and hence the common connection !

This is the first of your fantic astblogs which i read, and couldnt resist posting a comment, this one had my laughing with bubbles all over, am so cued in to reading all of them now !

Ramadan Messages

well job, i really enjoy read it. Thanks Dear


Good one. Real good one..Three cheers to Kalpana.

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