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22 July 2010


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Sue Suresh

I loved the article but the spoof on teh sign on your post has got to take the cake


I like your simple and smooth writing style and read all your published articles with my wife.

She will agree with you about the Camera on that Paris bench. When you find the one Mohan forgot, you will find mine sitting right next to it and my wife has not forgotten about it either.
Like they say "After you get married, you should forget all your mistakes, there is no point in two people remembering the same thing"

I also loved your jab about what my 7year old calls "The India smell"

Kalpana Mohan

Sue/Sujatha! Looks like you're the only one who noticed the sign.

Sunil: Can't believe other men lose cameras and forget about it as fast as mine. Thank you for your comments. Yes, that delightful smell of India. Russell Peters summarizes it fabulously in one of his shows. For me, there's always the smell of a tropical flower, toilet cleaner, sweat and sour something. It's a heady mix, strangely enough.


The first thing that caught my eye was the photoshopped sign , too cool. This is the Edison photo with the english text overlaid, isn't it? Loved your picture too. Have never met you, just heard about you ( I am Deepa's sister-in-law from Austin ). Article is very well written.

Deborah Hirsch-Bezanis

Love this, Kalpana. I enjoy your observations and the immediacy of your experiences as you tell them.

Mr. Salsich

Its really very great post.thanks for sharing the information.i like it very much.

Rosie Marks

So good! I read the post and smiled, then laughed out loud. You have a pungent wit~ loved the "succulent diaper" I recalled a visual from a home experiment I performed.... "nappies" seem to hold so much liquid.. I put my son in the bath in his for fun, to try and get a feel for its true capacity. It expanded exponentially and it burst at the tabs!
I hope you have managed to warm up to the locals "where no one would genuinely care about who or what I was or what I did as long as I carried my ...." Maybe people would take more notice if you carried a gun!!! Guns and breast implants.. that'll do the trick!

Sumedha Shende

I loved reading your blog. You have a flow to your experiences and they are based on everyone's experiences but you put it in such a interesting writing format that reader wants to read more and more!

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