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05 December 2010


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shanthi Jayadev

Are you sure after going under the panini press the left breast looks up to Brad Pitt and not down at Clooney? You have nothin to worry for the next 10 years. Looking good baby, looking good. Squirrel poop is not a good sign - chase those devils away with good old Cayenne.


Absolutely a delight to read your blog---funny how we would become so candid once we see liberation- in possible near term death- sets us free.

C. Mohan

Kalpana, something has gone wrong with the first photo. Only a part of it is visible. Please fix it.


Sharadaa S

Mohan, I see why Kalpana "misses" you !!
Kalpana, love to read your blog always. I am glad you are ok.

Subha Chandran

Hi Kalpana,
I love it. Kalpana. You are getting there to get the booker prize . Great Job!

shaila menezes

Beautifully written, Kalpana!
Thanks for sharing and wishing you and your family a very healthy, safe, peaceful and restorative holiday season!


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