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13 December 2010


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Denise Beckfield

Kalpana, It's such a pleasure to read about your journey -- and your courage -- and to know that you've not let your anxieties stand in the way of your dreams. (And by the way, I only hope the copy of Master Your Panic that I gave you was the Third Edition, which came out in 2004!) I wish you continuing success with your writing, and with all the bridges you face in life. Denise Beckfield


relate completely to your fear of highways and going out your way to avoid them - I kept going - me too!! as I was reading the piece. A little envious that you have been able to confront and overcome your fears:)Bravo to you!

Kalpana Mohan

Thanks, Denise!

Sharanya: I had no clue you had a problem. I do hope you get over them. Once you start there's no looking back, I promise!


Yamini Aluru

Hi Kalpana,

I have been following your posts periodically and I have to say that this perticular post has a very smooth flow. A a reader I enjoyed it very much. Well written, well conquered too!



very well written and I must say I can associate with you completely. I learnt driving just last year!!!!! And when I got my driver's license I felt like I could achieve anything in life - bring it on I say : ).... I am at http://kriti-howaboutthis.blogspot.com/ if you are interested in my stories ... Following you now.

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