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30 March 2011


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Farukh Basrai

Great article, Kalpana, as always. I can certainly relate to the subject matter having been rushed off to the hospital (a year ago) for an emergency angioplasty and the insertion of a stent. This after a life of regular exercise and relatively healthy eating habits, which include kale, collard greens and other stuff my friends sneer at :-)

Kalpana Mohan

Farukh, I had no idea you are a patient. You don't fit the profile at all! I'm happy to see you doing well and wish you many, many happy and healthy years! Thanks so much for your comment.

Farukh Basrai

Kalpana, thank you for your good wishes. Besides my South Asian heritage, my father had suffered a couple of heart attacks over the course of his life, which probably trumped my healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, he lived to be a very active 90 year old; so there's hope for me :-)

Jana Seshadri

Nicely written, Kalpana. Heart disease is no stranger to our family! Thanks to the outreach efforts of the South Asian Heart Center and people like you who publicize their fine work, people like us who are predisposed to coronary disease are made aware of our risks and ways to manage our lives in a healthier fashion.

Kalpana Mohan

Jana, Thank you, as always. Appreciate your commenting right here. Most people tend to comment on FB and that  is not as useful!


I love the way you take serious (and depressing) topics and then infuse delectable humor to make it such an appealing read. And, you never miss an opportunity to ding poor Mohan along the way too :-)

Kalpana Mohan

Rameysh: Thanks so much, I really appreciate the kind words. I try not to write the who/what/when/where/why stories. Enough of that was done post event. Its likely Ive offended a lot of the women who were strapped for cash (I mean they were wearing mere straps on their backs because they gave away so much cash) and I may be in danger of being unfriended. But I love them all and they know it.  I DONT want them to change.


Great article kalpana. Enjoyed it.This subject is so close to my heart.Lost two of my siblings to heart Attacks in this country .

Kalpana Mohan

So many people have been touched by this disease in our community. Thanks for the kind words, hiking friend! 

Ashish Mathur

Kalpana, missed you so much last Friday at the get together of kindred souls on the Scarlet Night. Well said. I did not quite understand the power of packing in the stress of skimpy blouses to the high incidence of heart disease in South Asians. Are you OK with publishing this link on the newsletter?

Kalpana Mohan

Skimpy blouses can stress the heart and SAHC may want to factor that in the stats:-) Please go ahead and link it in, no problem. Thanks for getting back. My interview the afternoon of your lunch was very long (and with someone very important to my sari project. I dont know if you know Im working on a book around the iconic sari). Sujatha told me it was fun and that I missed an enjoyable lunch.

Thanks for your note, Ashish.


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