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04 April 2011


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I just read the link and agree that Amy Chua's methods seem extreme. Are academic success and renown the most important things in life? Children need time to be children. I don't know about the racial stereotyping of motherhood but balance in all things in life is the essential ingredient for happiness in my opinion

Kalpana Mohan

I agree with some of the tactics she uses in the initial years. I have found that with music, you have to make the kids practice until they reach a stage where they love the sound of their own playing. A transition does occur. And this has to happen in the early years, unfortunately. Sometimes sleepovers and friends have to be sacrificed but Chua's measures were extreme and I feel she hasn't experienced even one hundredth of the fallout from her extreme parenting. There's more to come, I'm sure. She wrote the book too soon. What upset me was the undercurrent of condescension throughout the book.

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